Our personal experience helps us to understand the special process of sport. Decades of our legal work helps us to see what legal challenges a sportsman should face who is a private person, an employee, a member of an association or a federation as well as an economic operator in one.

We understand the operation of stakeholders working with a sportsman and we know the sponsorship needs highly relevant in the world of sport. Our team provides legal expertise for each stakeholder.

„We do what we do best so that you could do the same.”





DID VERSTAPPEN COMMIT A LEGAL OFFENCE WHEN HE VIOLATED THE TEAM INSTRUCTIONS IN BRAZIL?: “We do not break the phalanx of those who support the team instruction or those who oppose it. But if the subject is raised, let’s look at the sportslaw aspects of it. Is it correct to give a team instruction? Is it fair and does it fit in with fair play? Can a request on the radio be defied or are we talking about a recommendation?” Read more on Eurosport website

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CHICKEN BLOOD IN THE MOUTH OF THE MARTEN, OR THE CASE OF THE MISSING £20 MILLION: “The English football championship, the Premier League, reminds me of a marten which licks the chicken blood from his mouth. If our writing were to end here – and only appear as it does – we would surely receive a perpetual supporter’s membership to Everton by return of post. Although that’s tempting, let’s analyse a bit of sports law on whether the Premier League can be a marten. Is there really blood on the lip or is it just Everton’s rage that makes it look that way.” Read more on Eurosport website.

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BARCA VS. ATLÉTICO, AND THE 40 MILLION € DEBATE – THROUGH THE EYES OF A SPORTS LAWYER: “It is better to give than to receive, so the saying goes. Until now, we have been led to believe that in the case of the loan, this statement is certainly true. The Spanish football championship has disproved this axiom. Loans are relatively rarely discussed in sports law analyses, so we take this opportunity to dissect them. We are grateful to Barcelona and Atlético Madrid for the opportunity.” Read more on Eurosport website

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